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Sports Analyst

Sports Writer





Sports Agent

General Manager




Your Thoughts?

Based on the video you just watched answer the questions below.

1) What are some jobs the Damian Lillard would like to have after being an NBA player?

2) Even though Thaddeus Focher has an engineering background what did it take for him to become a sports agent?

3) What is one of the values that Thaddeus Focher transfered from engineering to sports?

4) What were some of the one the reasons that Marc Spears became a sports writer?

5) What advise does David Aldridge NBA Analyst give to students?

6) What would you tell a friend about different jobs in the basketball industry and what it takes to be successful? What is your evidence?

7) If you were going to select any of the careers from this video, which one would you choose and why? Write as many reasons to choose that career. What would it take to be successful in that career? What is your evidence?

In Groups or as a Class students can share one career they have chose to pursue and how it relates to their interests.