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Warriors Set Championship Goals

Lesson Plan

Your Thoughts?

Based on the video you just watched answer the questions below. (Tip: Take notes, It will help to write what you are learning while you are watching the video.)

1) What is the top goal for Klay Thompson? Why do you think he expects others to have the same goal?

2) How does Harrison Barnes set goals? What did he work on to improve?

3) What are some of the reasons Harrison Barnes list for the Warriors success?

4) Write three long term goals (6 months - 1 year) and list the short term goals you need to reach the long term goals. List each task to accomplish short term goals and by a date to it. (Examples of goals include: academic, personal, family and work.)

Connect, Communicate and Collaborate with others around the world.

With a group of 2-4 students from different classrooms ...

5) Share each others email address so and join a wiki (collaboartion document) or a google doc to co-create and collaboate on a shared document.

6) Everyone list one long-term goals and the short term goals it takes to reach your long-term goal.

7) Share an idea or give advice to each of the other students on how to reach one of their short term goals.

8) Create a video with your computer or phone where you interview each other over a teleconference on your goals and how to reach them.